Clear + Facial Treatment for Impure & Acne Skin – £49 (60 mins) BiodrogaMD


Impure skin has many causes and is not a question of age. In order to restore the balance of impure skin, a consequent skincare, tailored to the respective skin type, is the best remedy. Bacteria, environmental influences, wind and weather may have a negative influence on skin (extrinsic factors), but also medicaments, hormone oscillations or diseases (intrinsic factors) may be the cause for impure skin.

• Disease of the sebaceous glands
• Excessive sebum production
• Clogging of the sebaceous glands in the area of the hair follicle
• Dead cells of the horny layer cannot be transported to the skin surface • Sebum flow and skin flakes block the    sebaceous glands
• Comedones
• Increase of propioni bacteria

HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM • Stop inflammations
• Counteract bacteria
• Remove keratinization
• Soothe the skin
• Support the regeneration.

A Biodroga skincare treatment will include:

  • cleansing
  • skin analysis
  • exfoliation
  • steaming (if necessary)
  • manual extraction
  • face massage
  • treatment mask
  • shoulder massage
  • a choice of the following massages: hand & arm, foot & leg or scalp
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