Facials by Gérnetic United Kingdom

About Gérnetic International UK *

Your skin is an extremely complex organ. 
It is the most extensive of the human body and as a result it protects your body from external aggression.
This dense structure is constituted of different cell layers crossed with vessels and nerves.
Because your skin is in  constant adaptation and evolution, your skin responds to many immune functions. 
It’s time to take care of it!

Being in a constant search for the finest, the most modern and the most active materials in the field of health and beauty, our aim is to give every woman the beauty care product that enables her to express herself, through a perfect synergy of her personality and her body. The daily challenge taken up by Laboratoires GERnétic is to provide the best and the most precise service in order to fulfil all expectations.

Each new product is the result of our observations.

GERnétic International products provide unique results associated with well-being and relaxation. They are at the service of beauty to treat all aesthetic cases from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Every day, our research enables us to evolve and to meet precisely the expectations of consumers. The line of research of Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse focuses on an increased and recognized efficiency of our products through several areas of studies: skin repair, skin ageing, skin irritation, pigmentation, slimming and well-being.

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