About Gérnetic International UK

Your skin is an extremely complex organ. 
It is the most extensive of the human body and as a result it protects your body from external aggression.
This dense structure is constituted of different cell layers crossed with vessels and nerves.
Because your skin is in  constant adaptation and evolution, your skin responds to many immune functions. 
It’s time to take care of it!

We have a range of Facial Treatments to suit most people, choose the facial you require and we will still adapt the facial to your own skin’s needs!  If you choose the wrong facial, don’t worry we will tailor the facial to benefit your skin.

Choose from the following facials

Gérnetic Facials  
Express Facial£30 30 mins
Signature Facial£5960 mins
Hydrating Facial£6575 mins
Anti-Stress Oxygenating  Facial£6575 mins
Calming – Anti Redness£65 75 mins
Delux Anti-Ageing Facial£69 90 mins
Gentlemans Facial£6560 mins
Purifying Clear+Facial (Acne & Impurities)£6575 mins
Whitening-Pigmentation Reduction Facial£7590 mins
Back Facial£4540 mins
Back Facial + High Frequency & Massage£69 60 mins
Medical Peels   
AHA Peels 20% | 30% | 40 %£75 30 mins
Anti-ageing Peel / Retinol Peel£70 30 mins
Anti-pigment Peel£7030 mins
Sensitive Peel£6530 mins
Impure Peel£5560 mins
Dermal Roller / Digital Skin Needling Treatment  
Full Face£18045 mins
Stretch Marks  (depending on the area/size )               £25045 mins


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