Treat yourself to a nice relaxing manicure you deserve it!  A

What to expect from a  manicure: *

  • Soaking of hands with luke warm water to relax and clean
  • Exfoliation to polish the skin leaving it feeling soft and silky
  • Push back the cuticles and remove the unwanted skins on the finger nails
  • Neaten finger nails with a cut, file and buff
  • Hand massage with rich moisturizer to nourish the skin
  • Polish nails

Please note there is an optional French manicure available.

Advantages of a manicure: *

  • Promotes rest and relaxation
  • Hand issues can be identified such a nail fungus and hangnails
  • Regular treatments enhance health of finger nails & maintain good cuticles
  • Exfoliation removes dead skin cells
  • Will improve circulation and stimulate blood flow in your hands
  • Rejuvenating hands

A manicure always leaves you feeling pampered, clean with neat nails and silky smooth hands

Useful tips on how to take better care of your hands: *

  • Antibacterial soap can be harsh and drying, rather apply moisturizing hand soap
  • Protect hands from irritation using rubber gloves while washing dishes
  • Incorrect filing can damage your nails; consult your nail technician on this matter
  • Regularly exfoliating hands will result in younger looking hands
  • A great way of looking after cuticles is applying cubical oil every night
  • Reminding yourself to apply cuticle oil, keep it next to your bed
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