Hands & Feet

Nail Enhancements *

Transform your nails with a glossy Acrylic  or Gel application.  Acrylic powder and liquid mixture hardens into a lustrous shine that is tough enough for the busiest hands. Gel enhancements are given 2 coats and then cured under a UV light for a bright, flexible, odorless finish.

Tips *

Give your tips the edge with Acrylic or Gel enhancement for added length and strength. Natural or French tips.

Natural/French Tips

Overlays *

Let our Nail technicians transform your nails and hands. Acrylic or Gel overlays boost the beauty of natural nails.

Natural, French or colored Acrylic/Gel application

Nail Art *

Add extra glam to natural nails with dazzling decals, cracked ice, diamantes or colored Gel/Acrylic for an eye catching intricate effect

Fills & Maintenance *

Don’t let re-growth come between you and stunning nails. Maintenance treatments will take care of this, and repair any signs of wear and tear keeping your nails looking great for longer.

Two week fill
Normally required although some clients can last upto three weeks

Soak/Buff off
Soak off before a new application

Express Maintenance
New Nail Repair
Buff & Polish
Buff & French Polish

Manicures *

Relax with a complete manicure treatment from hand to tip. Hands are pampered, soaked and exfoliated and nails are filed, shaped and painted.

Manicure (60min)
Add on: Shellac or Gelish
Add on: Paraffin Wax

Nail Polish *

Colour Polish
French Polish
Buff & Polish
Buff & French Polish

Nail Extensions (Acrylic) £25 90 Mins
Nail Extensions (Gel) £30 90 Mins
Party/Weekend Nails £20 60 Mins
Nail Infill £15 60 Mins
Nail Polish Application £5
Nail Repairs (per nail) £3
Soak Off £5 30-40 Mins
Soak Off & Mini Manicure £15 60 Mins
French Polish £6
File and Paint £8
Manicures £15
Pedicures £20
Mini Pedicure £10
** Add £2.50 to all services for French Polish **
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