Treat yourself to a nice relaxing pedicure you deserve it.! Time +45 mins

What to expect from a pedicure: *

  • Soak feet with luke warm water to relax the feet
  • Exfolioate to polish the skin leaving it feeling soft and silky
  • File heels to get rid of the unwanted hard skin
  • Push back the cuticles and remove the unwanted skins on the toe nails
  • Neaten toe nails with a cut, file and buff
  • Applying moisturising cream with a relaxing massage
  • Finishing the pedicure with a nail polish colour of your choice

Please note there is a optional French pedicure available.

Advantages of a pedicure: *

  • Promotes rest and relaxation
  • Foot issues can be identified such a nail fungus and warts
  • Foot massage helps stimulate circulation
  • Regular pedicures help control calluses
  • A qualified nail Technician can help ease the pain of ingrown toe nails

Useful tips on how to take better care of your feet *

  • When going out in the sun apply sunscreen on the top of your feet
  • Make it a regular routine to check your children’s feet as well as your own for skin problems
  • To avoid bacteria or damage to feet wear sandals to beaches, swimming pools & locker rooms
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