Lift – Volume – Lengthen


LVL is a revolutionary new lash boosting technique promising length, volume and lift for six to eight weeks – without a perm or an eyelash extension in sight! Perms are good for curl and eyelash extensions are great for the party wow-factor, but for those of you who want to make a real impact with naturally pretty eyes, LVL is the way to go.

We’ll guide you through every step of the LVL process so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your appointment.

LVL vs. Eyelash Perming

The fundamental difference between LVL  and eyelash perming is that, unlike perming, LVL doesn’t curl the lashes. Perming loses all-important length during the rolling process, which causes the lash to curve back on itself a little. The revolutionary silicon pad technique used in LVL means the lashes are straightened out and then lifted, without compromising on length.

LVL vs. Eyelash Extentions

Sometimes we all get behind on our beauty rituals, especially when a busy life gets in the way of booking salon trips. As fabulous as they are, eyelash extensions require maintenance. Sometimes they can fall out awkwardly or unevenly, giving you no choice but to head back to your beauty therapist for a retouch. For those of you who prefer a lower-maintenance regime, LVL is ideal. You can pop to the salon on your lunch break and enjoy beautiful lashes for six to eight weeks without worrying they’re going to fall out unevenly or cause problems. The lift will simply fade away gradually as each lash ends its natural growth cycle and eventually falls out.

Why get LVL lashes?

LVL can benefit anyone who wants wider, brighter, more feminine eyes. However, this particular lash treatment is especially effective if…
  • You are of Eastern Asian descent – people from Eastern Asia commonly have ‘monolids’, the term for when there is no distinguishable eyelid crease. This can cause the eyelashes to grow downwards and also make them look shorter due to the tiny fold of skin concealing the base. LVL will have a staggering effect on particularly narrow eyes and this is the most effective way of lifting stubbornly straight eyelashes.
  • You have a fair complexion – redheads and blondes often have very pale, delicate eyelashes. This can make even the longest eyelashes look completely invisible. LVL treatment will darken the lash and help define the eye.
  • You have naturally long lashes – sometimes even curling can’t help people with very long, straight eyelashes. These people often find that the moment they apply mascara to curled eyelashes, they begin to straighten again under the sheer weights. LVL has the strength to uphold even the longest lashes day in day out.
Everyone can benefit from the LVLbefore-lvl-image-2after-lvl-image-2 treatment but for those of you with beautifully curly but stubby lashes, you are advised to opt for extensions instead to boost length rather than lift.

Will LVL hurt or damage my eyelashes?

LVL treatment is not painful at all. The whole process is designed to be gentle and relaxing and you should leave the salon feeling ultra confident and sexy with your new-look lashes. LVL doesn’t curl, frizz or fry your lashes like perming often does, it simply provides a healthy-looking lift.

What qualifications should your LVL beauty therapist have?

Our LVL therapists was fully trained by the Nouveau Beauty Group™. LVL Lashes has created a storm in the beauty world by straightening rather than curling eyelashes to give you a fabulous wide-awake appeal that is completely natural AND yours!




The facts – £55 – NOW ON OFFER FOR £50

The treatment takes between 45 – 60 mins to apply and lasts up to 6 weeks depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes.

-Lifts the eyelashes from the root

-No lash extensions

-No adhesive

-No mascara needed     

-Colour enhancement included



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