Eyebrow Enhancements *

Initial Treatment

Gaps in brows or filling in £250
3D hair stroke effect £350
Powder Brows £300
Combination of hair stroke & powder brows £395

Eye Enhancements *

Initial Treatment

Eyelash Enhancement & Lash Definer £300
Eyeliner bottom only £150
Eyeliner top only £250
 Small Flick  £350
 Latino Eyeliner3  £450

Lip Enhancements *

Initial Treatment

Lip liner & contouring £325
Lip contour and small blush effect £350
 Lip line and full lip blush  £550

Beauty Mark *


Maintenance *

It is advisable to have annual colour refresh treatments to ensure that the stunning results remain fresh and long lasting.
Colour Boost – 1 visit                          at 12 Months or before £150
Colour Boost – 1 visit                          at 18 Months or before £250


Please note that we have 24 hour cancellation or reschedule policy and we require a 50% deposit for any booking.  Your Deposit if fully refundable if you cancel / reschedule your appointment before 24.  As soon as deposit is paid – your appointment will be confirmed. You can pay a deposit now by clicking the Pay Now button or make a Paypal transfer to

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